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About Us | Chanctonbury Meats

About Chanctonbury Organic Meats

At the foot of Chanctonbury Ring, below the stunning Southdowns way site our Family run farm ‘Great Barn Farm’ an organic beef and arable system.

After taking the tenancy over from my late father, myself (Charles) and my fiancée Bronte decided to go back to selling our own beef at the local Farmers market (Steyning) something that my Father had been passionate about years ago. We too feel excited about offering our top quality British beef to the local public again 

We currently have 50 breeding cows in the herd which we calve in the spring. The herd is made up of pure Sussex cows, mainly horned. As we are a closed herd all of our cattle have been born on the farm. Sussex cows are a dark maroon colour and are perfectly suited to our farms topography.

Sussex cattle can be traced all the way back to Norman times ( Red Cattle) and we are hoping to soon be included on the rare breed survival trust’s list of endangered native breeds. Sussex cattle are slow growing breed which limits their sale commercially but makes them perfect for local selling as and when they are ready. Our herd are on a health scheme ensuring we are completely disease free and have the highest welfare possible. We are certified by the soil association and red tractor assured.



Recently we have purchaced a small Flock of Romney sheep which are due to lamb at the end of March, about the same time we start calving.

We are hoping to have some quality organic lamb to sell at the end of the year.

We started with a small flock to help us get into the swing of sheep which are very different to looking after cattle. We hope to grow our flock as a closed flock, similarly to the cattle, only buying in breeding males. This reduces the chance of bringing disease into the flock.

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